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My tablet pen ran away to join the skeleton war

no art until further notice, sorry guys ;w;


When your partner turns your thread to angst without a warning.


why are bats stigmatized as being creepy?




I mean

look at these things


they’re like tiny






but instead of breathing fire they squeak and cuddle 


in caves


and leaves


and they have funny ears and noses


I mean really


bats are amazing


This post is so important to me

sky puppies





The younger of the two turned to look back at the instrument once more after Starlight began to play again, watching the vibration of the strings as they sang out into the winter chill. So Starlight wrote songs too, huh?

"Well, you don’t hear music too much any more," he admitted. "I mean, Zack’s who owns the guitar so he plays it sometimes, and two of the girls sing a lot, but besides that I… haven’t really gotten to listen to anything for a while. Don’t know too many songs…" His eyes drifted down and started shifting from place to place, thinking. "…But… I think I like the slower ones a bit more. They’re more… serene."

So, Hedgehog enjoyed slower songs? Noted. Starlight continued to play as he listened to Hedgehog, keeping the song going for them to listen to. Besides, he was enjoying playing on he guitar right now so it was a win-win situation for them right? “That’s understandable. Though the idea of listening to the soft songs aren’t bad at all. There are some really good ones.”

Yeah, definitely feeling better than he had been a few moments ago, luckily. If there was one good thing was that Starlight’s emotions could change so quickly, but then again that was also a bad thing if it was a negative emotion. “I like to try and match my own lyrics to songs. Not many know that I do this, but you’re one of the first outside my zone to know that. Hmm, I’d like to play the violin sometime actually.”

Yep, now he’s drifting onto the subject of playing another instrument. But hey, at least he seemed alright now, right?

Soft songs… yeah, those were good. He hadn’t always liked them, but these days… it was nice to find a little calm.

"Heh. Hero, musician, and lyricist?" the younger asked, shadow of a grin sneaking across his face. "Anything besides that violin you don’t do?"

His eyes continued to watch Starlight’s dancing fingers, ears turned to catch the notes. He was slowly starting to stop thinking about what the other hedgehog may or may not be and simply appreciate the company. There was something about the ability to empathize rather than sympathize… it was such a small difference, but it seemed to mean the world.



Eyes still shut, the rabbit gave a small chuckle, grin starting to shine through again. “I’m fine, Starlight,” he assured the hedgehog. “Nothing’s happened that’s worth worrying about. Just, um…”

His face fell again, and he had to pause a few moments, bringing a hand up to run across his still closed eyes. “You, uh… y-you stumbled across… where I slept last night.”

Well, that was out now. He took a shaky breath, finally opening his eyes. Cautiously, he brought his arms up and motioned to the alley walls, strained smile cracking his face. "Surprise…"

Those warm emeralds continued to watch the psychic, wondering what could possibly be the thing that Mystery wanted to keep from him? What was he hiding, and why? Surely it wasn’t that bad right? Starlight’s worry only grew, seeing his features changing as if he was scared to admit it. Oh dear, he didn’t pressurise him did he?

Oh. Well, he only just found where Mystery had slept- wait. What? He had slept on the streets? In the alleyway? Mystery had slept alone in this place last night without telling someone? The hedgehog looked around, seeming to be in shock. “So, let me set this right: you’re saying that you slept here? Last night?”

Now the elder’s eyes turned back to the rabbit, mouth hung open a fair bit. “Oh no, no you should’ve- oh, why didn’t you come to mine? I would’ve let you stay the night.” okay, now the hedgehog was full blown concerned. Good luck with this one, Mystery.

"I-I know!" he quickly assured his friend. "I know you would have, and if I ever really need to, I’ll ask you, I promise! But, uh… well, this is… normal. For me.

"I-it’s nothing to worry over, though!" he quickly added, walking to his right and starting to take down the papers on the wall. "I’ve been doing this for years, I’ve got it down to a science by now, heh! I-I can stay dry, a-and if I need anything it’s easy enough to get." He smiled, teleporting his notes to a safe place. "Hell, it’s like camping. Nothing worth worrying over."

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